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Version 37.0

Release date

8th June 2016


New admin screens to allow functionality for

  • Defining the default expense entry screen to use. Located within General Settings.

  • The account amount to be entered by the user rather than derived from the exchange rate. Located within Expenses Settings.

  • Locks the account drop down when making claims. Located within Expenses Settings.

  • Add in receipt reasons in to the notes section. Located within Expenses Settings.

Error messages have been updated to the new look and feel style.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue on some mileage lines where manager approval appeared twice based on passengers.

Currency rate label now updates correctly on claim line edits.

Fixed vehicle field not showing for selection when entering a mileage line.

Receipt attachments or messages are no longer duplicating.

Entertaining type category no longer deducting VAT per person.

Claim line advisory limit messages are no longer duplicating when the line is edited.

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